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When we talk about Sabah, usually one of the first things that came to our mind is the nature. The undisturbed forests, the animals and the marines. But, little do we know that one of marine lives' most important thing is slowly dying; coral reefs. We have one of the most beautiful reefs yet our own people are slowly destroying it by destructive fishing practices pollution and irresponsible tourism.

That's when Reef Check Malaysia comes into the picture. From February to April this year, they'll be here for the second time to educate, not the older people, but the little boys and girls. They want to try and plant into those little minds of them about the importance of reefs and what kind of irresponsible activities can destroy it. The last time they did this in Sabah, including Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Penyu, Kota Belud and at the Mantanani Island, they managed to get to more than 1,180 students at over 20 schools. Their survey revealed that 54% of the students did not know what reefs were and that 72% didn't know the importance of reefs.


Reefs are mostly destroyed in Sabah due to blast fishing, hence, the implementation of laws on blast fishing. But, we don't have enough man power to keep monitoring our waters for any blast fishing. So, that's why it's very important for the little kids to be educated on the matter at hand. The colorful reefs are very important source of food, shelter and a nursing home for the little fishies and to keep the marine ecosystem balanced. 

So, support this cause and help do your part in taking care of the beautiful reefs.

Source: BandWidth Magazine


Reef Check Malaysia (RCM) is a non-profit organisation that was registered in 2007 to engage with the local community to raise awareness for the importance of, and threats to, coral reefs.


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