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rcm-status of reefs in selected southeast asia countries-1Reef Check Malaysia released this report that was presented at the 2014 Asia-Pacific Coral Reef Symposium (APCRS) in Taiwan.
In 2012 the status of Southeast Asia’s coral reefs was determined using Reef Check survey methods on 295 sites from six different countries; 50 in Brunei, 22 in Philippines, 40 in Taiwan, 24 in Thailand, 18 in Indonesia and 141 in Malaysia. Data collected and assessed were the Indo Pacific Reef Check indicator fish, invertebrates and substrate. The assessment of the data shows that the reefs in Southeast Asia are in fair condition with 43.20% of live coral (hard coral + soft coral) cover. However the abundance of highly prized food fish (Barramundi Cod, Humphead Wrasse and Bumphead Parrotfish) and several other fish targeted for food were low. Invertebrates targeted for curio trade and food trade were also present in small number or completely absent at many survey sites. Overfishing seems to be the main impact to coral reefs in this region.
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